Give The Language Of Love!


Photo taken by Andrea Lainé

February 14 is Valentine’s Day (also known as Saint Valentine’s Day). This is the day when, traditionally in the West, people send ‘Valentines’ or love poems and cards, as an expression of their love for each other.   The origins of this day can be traced to the Roman festival of Lupercus, the god of fertility.   Much later, it is thought that a Bishop Valentine was beheaded for carrying out marriage ceremonies against the will of the Emporer.   St. Valentine became the patron saint for lovers.   Even during Victorian times, and certainly since the 19 th century, the day  has grown into a massive event and is very commercial with people  giving flowers, chocolates, teddy bears, jewellery and other special gifts – in fact, anything to do with love hearts and cupids!

Valentine’s Day is also celebrated around the world. In Wales, you can give your loved one a beautiful carved wooden love spoon.   In Finland and Estonia, this day marks the day that you remember all your friends more than just your loved ones. In Japan and South Korea for instance, women give hand-made chocolates to men!

If you want to celebrate St. Valentine’s Day with a more unusual gift, then give the language of love!   The gift will last all year long – well past 14 February!    It would be very romantic to hear your loved one talking to you in French or Italian next Valentine’s Day.   We have a great selection of gifts – language courses, DVDs,  music CDs and even magnetic poetry so you can leave messages of love all over the house.

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