Give A Kid A Language Gift

kids-french-language-littles-dollLooking for something different to give your children this year? We have hand-picked our top language gifts for kids so they can start to learn another language and find out about other cultures.  Give a kid the gift of language this holiday and it will last a lifetime!  Happy holidays!

01 Give a foreign language-speaking Language Littles toy doll

These lovely Language Little bilingual toy dolls will enchant your child and will also help them to learn a language while they are playing.  You can choose from dolls who speak French, German, Spanish as well as English!  There are dolls for boys and girls – Lizzie speaks Spanish as well as Ricky Speaks Spanish.  Each Language Little will recite between 25 and 30 phrases in their language.  Soon your child will be repeating new words – including greetings, numbers, colours and days of the week.
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02 Give an International Teddy

International-Teddy-FranceHow about an International Teddy for your child this year?  These cuddly teddies are wearing t-shirts with an international image such as a flag or a national landmark. Give your children a cute, cultural gift this year and broaden their horizons.
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03 Give a language toy or game

Scrabble-in-GermanYou can find many of the toys and games your child already play in other languages too – so get them to pick up a new language through play.  From board games in other languages to sticker books, DVDs, videos, CD-ROMs and more – there are lots of ideas to try! You may even enjoy Scrabble or Monopoly in Spanish! Give your children a language gift and they’ll be having so much fun, they won’t realise they’re learning a language … and you’ll be giving them one of the most fantastic gifts a parent can give child.
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