Festival of Lights – Diwali 2010

This year the Diwali festival will take place on Tuesday 26th October 2010. The date of the Diwali changes according to the position of the moon.

The festival is an important date in the calendar in India. Not only is it an important religious festival in Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, but it is an official holiday in India. It is called the Festival of Lights as lights are lit during the festival called ‘diyas’ which signify the triumph of good over evil in each person.  The festivities last for 5 days and are not only celebrated in India, Nepal and Sri Lanka but also in the UK,   United States, Australia and in communities within UAE, South Africa and Canada. As Indians and Sri Lankans have migrated to many parts of the world, the Diwali is now celebrated pretty much all over the world.

In the UK the festival is celebrated by Hindus and Sikhs by giving gifts to loved ones, spending time with family and friends and lighting lamps and candles in their homes. The Diwali festival has become more  popular with the general public. There are huge festivals that take place in Leicester and Birmingham and general public events in Leicester Square in Central London.

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