Fashionistas: it’s time to learn a language

If you’re pursuing a career in fashion, it might be time to put the sewing machine to one side for a while and instead get yourself acquainted with a new language.

Wannabe fashionistas are being advised to learn another language to boost their chances of success in the truly global fashion industry. Whether your designer of choice is Chanel, Prada or Elie Saab, you will need to brush up on your language skills to get a major advantage in the fiercely competitive fashion workplace.

With suppliers and brands based all over the world, it isn’t enough to rely on English anymore. If you find yourself having to communicate with a factory in China or Bangladesh, impeccable conversational skills will be a must – but you won’t always be able to use English. Many clothing manufacturers aren’t based in cosmopolitan cities, and English may not be commonly spoken.

Furthermore, the most dedicated fashion followers travel all over the world to catch the biggest shows, to pitch their designs to the most famous fashion houses and to find the perfect materials for their next big project. It’s seriously impressive if you can hold a conversation with some of the industry’s most influential figures in their mother tongue.

It is just important to be able to communicate effectively in creative industries, such as fashion, as it is in scientific career paths. To fully express your visions and plans, you will need to broaden your vocabulary so that you can hold conversations with clients and win the admiration of others in the industry. With linguistic skills under your belt, you could quickly find yourself becoming indispensible and a crucial, well-respected member of the team.

In any career which involves a lot of travelling and communicating with colleagues and clients in other countries, strong language skills are highly beneficial. If you’re short on time, an online language learning course could be the perfect way to hone your ability, or you could browse our selection of language courses for business to help you conduct meetings and interact in a professional manner with your fellow fashionistas.

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