Facebook To Be Translated Into Jèrriais

The regional language of Jersey (the largest of the Channel Islands, UK) is to be used to translate Facebook. The Jèrriais language could soon be a language option on Facebook alongside the other 71 languages it is already available in. English and French are the official languages of Jersey but it is hoped that its regional language Jèrriais, will also be available on Facebook as well.

Jèrriais is a form of the Norman language spoken in Jersey and is also known as ‘Jersey French’ or ‘Jersey Norman French’ in English.

Mr Scott-Warren of the Jèrriais Office – which organises the teaching of Jèrriais in schools as well as producing books and other materials in the Jèrriais language – would like people to use Facebook in the regional language. He sees the translation of Facebook into Jèrriais as another way to keep the language alive. Mr Scott-Warren said “I want us to have a Jerriais presence on Facebook as it is the one bit of social media we are not exploiting.”

It is thought that there are currently over 2,500 Jèrriais speakers.

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