Take a look at our selection of Italian language films, read  our film reviews and let the movies motivate you to get the Italian language advantage.

We’ve  picked out a selection of  our top Italian foreign language movies.  It’ll help you to get more familiar with the Italian language and is a great way to appreciate the culture from various Italian-speaking countries.

Italian Language Films and Movies

++check format, age classification and language combination is appropriate before you buy!++

film title year buy from buy from
Gomorrah (2008) DVD                       blu-ray DVD                       blu-ray
Bread and Tulips (2005) DVD DVD
Respiro (2003) DVD DVD
The Last Kiss (2001) DVD                       DVD
Malena (2000) DVD DVD
Life is Beautiful (1999) DVD                       blu-ray DVD
L’Amore Molesto (1996) not available DVD
Stealing Beauty
(in English – set in Italy)
(1996) DVD DVD
Il Postino (1995) DVD DVD
Fiorile (1993) DVD DVD
Mediterraneo (1992) DVD                       blu-ray DVD                        blu-ray
The Stolen Children   not available DVD
Johnny Stecchino (1991) DVD DVD
Cinema Paradiso (1989) DVD                       blu-ray DVD                        blu-ray
Padre Padrona (1977) DVD DVD
Fellini’s Roma (1972) DVD DVD
La Notte (1961) DVD DVD
Rocco and his Brothers (1960) DVD DVD
La Dolce Vita (1960) DVD DVD
    more Italian language films on DVD from
more Italian language films on DVD from

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