Monsoon Wedding (2001)

A language advantage film review by Sarah Carroll

The wedding celebrations unfurl during the rainy season. This film mixes traditional with modern, through great music, dance, colour and a combination of English, Hindi and Punjabi conversations. It traces five stories of love and morality across the globe as everyone descends on New Delhi. You get pulled into the movie, and almost feel like you’re there – or at least wish you could be.

The director of this film is Mira Nair. The film has won a Golden Lion Award at the Venice Film Festival in 2001. In English and Hindi with English subtitles.

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East is East (1999)

A language advantage film review by Tess Bentall

The film is set in Manchester in the 1970s. It tells the story of George Khan (Om Puri),  a Pakistani chip shop owner, his British wife Ella (Linda Bassett) and their seven children whose lives are a constant struggle to reconcile Eastern heritage and the Western culture they live in. Meanwhile, their father is actively seeking arranged marriages for his sons. When Nazir (Ian Aspinall) bails out of his forthcoming marriage on the wedding day, he is considered dead by his father and moves away. This does nothing to diminish George’s enthusiasm to marry off his sons in the traditional Pakistani way and Abdul and Tariq (Jimi Mistry) are next on his list. As the future brides and their parents arrive for tea, an unwelcome sculpture by art student Saleem (Chris Bisson), another of the  sons,  ensures that chaos ensues.

This is a fun film about identity, family life and what happens when two cultures collide. It is an enjoyable comedy. All the characters are well portrayed and the unusual relationship between the parents is explored in an interesting manner.

It has won a BAFTA for best British film and has received many other nominations and awards around the world.   The film is in English but with many conversations in Urdu.

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