European Music Day Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary in Greece

European Music Day is on 21 June 2009.   It is an annual event turning the streets in cities all across Europe into music stages – free for everyone.   European Music Day started in Greece ten years ago and now constitutes the biggest music event in the country, transforming over 23 cities with more than 70 bands all over Greece in 2009.   Greece will have its artists, including MaraveyasIllegal and Lefteris Christofis, travelling to Berlin and Lausanne, while welcoming artists from other countries: danish pop, french electro-punk, german jazz, polish ambient…

Listen to some of the music from European Music Day

The idea for the European Music Day was born in France in 1982, when the then French Minister of Culture Jack Lang and the French Ministry of Culture, set up Music Day (Fête de la Musique) for the first time. The aim was to bring out musicians, of all genres, onto the streets for the public to enjoy for free. As Athens was the first cultural capital of Europe in 1985, the idea for the Music Day was celebrated here for the first time outside of France.   The exclusive rights for representation of the day went to Greece in 1999 and since then, Music Day has been promoted quite heavily in Greece.

This year, the European Music Day has more than 20,000 events happening across the whole of Europe and is recognised as the largest popular cultural event of its kind.

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