Europe Day Celebrations

Europe Day 2011Did you know that the 9 May is Europe Day and that this date is celebrated in Europe  every year?

On the 9 May 1950, what is now known as the European Union, was first proposed. In Paris, the French Foreign Minister of the time, Robert Schuman, put forward the idea for France, Germany and other European countries to work together to put their coal and steel production  as a  foundation of a possible European federation. This proposal helped to ensure that there has been peace and prosperity across Europe for over 50 years. And so the  9th May is celebrated as the birthday of the European Union and is called  Europe Day.

Nowadays, Europe Day celebrates the diversity of cultures within Europe and gives the people of Europe the opportunity to come closer together and to learn about the European Union.

Many countries within the EU celebrate the 9th May by holding festivities that promote the culture of their own country and of other EU countries. These festivities include quizzes, games, open days, children singing songs in other European languages and parades.

Why not join in the festivities yourself by learning a European language today? Learn  to speak Spanish, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek or Romanian! Or, give a language gift and get to know your fellow Europeans!

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How do you celebrate Europe Day in your country?