Enjoy Your Summer Break With Earworms Rapid Language Courses!

earworms rapid greek language coursesAre you going on holiday this summer? Need to learn the lingo before you go or when you’re there? What better way to pick up some language in a fun and unique way than by learning using the Earworms Rapid language courses. The Earworms Rapid language course range is available in 15 languages including Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, Cantonese, French, German, Greek, Italian and Spanish. What’s more, you can learn to speak a language on the go on your CD, MP3, iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad!

Enjoy learning languages in a completely unique and fun way with Earworms Rapid language courses. Listen to the rhythmic repetition of songs and melodies to help you learn the language by using your long-term memory or what they call the ‘accelerated learning technique’.

Learn essential words at the heart of your chosen language and how to put them together to make yourself understood. The Earworms Rapid Language courses are available in Volumes 1 & 2 or as a bundle for most languages. Volume 1 deals with the essentials you need for a trip abroad, whilst Volume 2 deals with more general conversational terms including the past, present and future tenses. This is a fun way to learn a language rapidly and will have you speaking the real language straight away. You will be amazed at just how quickly and how easily you can learn a language!

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