Delay the onset of dementia by learning another language

It appears that speaking two languages could really help to delay the onset of dementia. Leading researchers in the UK, Canada and India have found that patients who are bilingual showed a delay in developing the disease by an average of four and a half years compared to those who are monolingual.

Back in April 2012, Language Advantage highlighted the research which had been done in Toronto, Canada. This latest research not only confirms these earlier findings but also shows that the results were the same whether the patient was illiterate or educated. It is thought that the act of constantly switching between two languages suppresses the onset of dementia, delaying symptoms.

‘This permanent switching and suppressing offers you constant brain training’ says Thomas Bak – one of the researchers leading the study.

Bak is now looking into whether learning languages later on in life has any benefits compared to those who grow up bilingual. His initial results so far prove that they do so, it shows that it is never too late to learn a language!

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