Celebrate Australia Day, Aussie Style!

Australia Day is held annually on the 26th January. It marks the beginning of British Occupation and the setting up of the colony in New South Wales with the landing of the First Fleet in 1778. In the 19th Century, celebrations for this day usually consisted of sports events such as football, cycling, horse races together with picnics and fireworks.

Nowadays, this day is a national day, much like our public holidays. The Australian federal government tries to promote Australia Day with more of an Australian profile. Festivities celebrate what is truly great about Australia with more of an emphasis on its cultural diversity and an appreciation of what it means to be Australian. Festivities include flying the Australian flag, singing the Australian National Anthem, fireworks and public ceremonies although most people tend to spend the day with family and friends. There are many Australians who will be soaking up the sun and ‘putting on the barbie’ on this day! Unfortunately in England, this may not quite be so possible!

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