Gifts for Language Lovers Part Two: Travel & Culture Books

Part two of our favourite gift ideas for language lovers. Give the gift of language and give your loved one the language advantage!

Travel and culture books make ideal gifts for any keen traveller. From a light-hearted look at the customs and foibles of different nationalities, to cultural insights, tips and local restaurant guides, there will be something here to engage the traveller in your midst. They’re also great for sparking ideas and putting together travel itineraries.

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Gifts for Language Lovers: Part One

Over the next few weeks we’re going to be sharing our favourite gift ideas for language lovers. Give the gift of language and give your loved one the language advantage!

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Top 6 Trends in Language Learning for 2019

We’ve seen some enormous changes in language learning over the last few years. While language learning courses, language books and language audio CDs are still popular, smartphones and high-speed internet connections have opened up a world of intuitive language learning options that have made learning a language accessible to everyone, whether you’re on your morning commute or your 15 minute coffee break at work. Apps like Google Translate have been game-changers when it comes to travel or trying to make sense of menus and information signs, and with internet connection and webcam you can now have personalised 1-1 Skype lessons with a native teacher from the comfort of your home.

We want to give you the language advantage so we’ve done our research on the top 6 trends in language learning in 2019:

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We’re back!

After an extended break, we’re delighted to announce that is back! The world of language learning has changed a lot over the past few years and we’re very excited to be bringing you the latest guides to all things language, including courses, apps, books, podcasts, language holidays and more! Watch this space while we rejuvenate Language Advantage and get it ready for the future!

Sarah & Lena

Foreign Language Films Struggle for UK Success

After Polish film “Ida” won the Oscars® Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film in 2015, there has been debate over whether the audience for foreign language films is vastly decreasing in the UK. [Read more…]

What Is Pancake Day?

Today is Shrove Tuesday or Pancake Day in the UK. It marks the day before Lent begins in the Christian calendar. Lent is the beginning of a period of abstinence before Easter and traditionally, any eggs, sugar or milk left in people’s cupboards would need to be used up before Lent began. Today has been popularised as Pancake Day as pancakes can be made from any leftover eggs, milk and flour. Pancake Day is commonly celebrated in English-speaking countries but it is also celebrated in the Philippines and Germany.

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Volunteer Language Course Reviewers Wanted

Are you learning or would you like to learn French, German, Italian, Spanish, Greek, Arabic, Dutch, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Polish, Portuguese or Russian?  We are looking for volunteers to review beginner, intermediate & advanced self-study language courses for us. [Read more…]

Think Language Audio Magazines – UPDATE

Update – 30 September 2011

Great news!  The Think Language websites for Think French, Think Italian & Think Spanish are now back up & running after moving to a new hosting server.  Business as usual again & we can all continue to enjoy getting the French, Italian & Spanish language advantage with Think Languages! [Read more…]

Language barriers led to red & yellow cards in football

I’ve just been watching the Denmark v England international football match and the coverage on TV mentioned that red and yellow cards were introduced in football to overcome language barriers.

Apparently the idea was invented by British referee Ken Aston during the 1966 FIFA World Cup, after a game between Argentina and England at Wembley Stadium when cautions were not understood.   [Read more…]

Turning Japanese with Justin Lee Collins – Episode 1

The first episode of ‘Turning Japanese’ on the UK’s Channel 5 screened on 27 January 2011 features Justin Lee Collins taking a ‘hilarious’ and somewhat alternative look at Japanese life and culture. [Read more…]