The state school Latin revival

Latin is making a comeback in British schools at the moment as hi-tech methods are used to re-introduce it to the classroom.

Latin has been phased out in the majority of UK state schools, tending to be taught mostly in private schools in the present day. However, with iPads being used more extensively in classrooms, Latin is suddenly becoming more accessible to educational establishments across the country.

There was an increase of around 15% in the number of children being entered for a Latin GCSE (or equivalent) last year – no mean feat when many language GCSEs are in decline.

iPads and other classroom technologies help get around the lack of teachers trained in the art of Latin and other extinct languages such as Ancient Greek – pupils can be taught via video link by experts in the languages, and sophisticated apps can assist them with their translation abilities.

Lectures are being streamed from Cambridge University Classics courses, so pupils can learn Latin even without a teacher being present to teach them.

Interestingly enough, Michael Gove’s compulsory primary languages initiative will allow ancient languages such as Latin to count as the compulsory language taught in schools from 2014 onwards. It remains to be seen how many schools will take advantage of this, but it is interesting that this is to be an option at all.

There has been a lot of support for the learning of Latin in recent governments, and it will be interesting to find out whether the increase in uptake of Latin will continue with increased funding and wider opportunities to learn the language even in state schools.

The Romance languages are derived from Latin, and it can provide a useful foundation for those wishing to learn French, Spanish, Italian, Romanian and Portuguese. Learning Latin can also help language learners understand the way languages work in general, and it is still used in areas such as science, botany and medicine.

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Foreign languages to become compulsory at KS2 in 2014

2014 is just around the corner and lots of us are coming up with New Year’s resolutions. With compulsory foreign languages being introduced into the primary level curriculum imminent, why not give your child a head start in the classroom with a language course designed specifically for kids?

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BBC Children’s Series Now In Manx Gaelic

Children on the Isle of Man, UK, will now have the chance to learn Manx Gaelic by watching the BBC’s Children’s animated series, ‘Friends and Heroes’.  The series has already been translated into 11 languages and has now added Manx Gaelic. It is available with English subtitles to make it easier to pick up the language. Manx Gaelic is the native language of the Isle of Man. In 2009, it was officially declared ‘extinct’ by Unesco but it has since made a remarkable revival.

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Tonal Languages And Musical Ability Are A Good Mix

Scientists have shown in a research study that people who speak languages, have a greater ability to learn music than those who do not. In particular, those who speak tonal languages such as Cantonese and Thai, have a much better ear for learning music. It is thought that these languages resemble music due to their pitch and tonal patterns.

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WE LOVE MUZZY! Muzzy Review Coming Soon!

bbc muzzy 20th anniversary edition level 2We love Muzzy. We really do and it seems that so do many of you as the famous BBC Muzzy is still one of the best and most innovative language courses for kids on the market today. Just put on the DVD and see your young kids captivated by their new language. This could be the most important gift you ever give your child. And, what’s more, we have a young mum trying out this BBC muzzy course on her two little boys as we speak. Her review will be coming soon!

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New Year, New Muzzy

bbc-muzzy-20th-anniversary-edition-level-1BBC Muzzy is still one of the best and most innovative language courses for kids on the market.   Currently available as a BBC Muzzy 20th Anniversary Edition language course, the program includes ALL five of the languages – French, Spanish, German, Italian and English.  Your child can focus on just one language – or dip in and out of all five.   [Read more…]

Get Your Kids Learning Languages With The Lingo Show TV Series!

The Lingo Show is a 10 minute TV programme filled with songs, stories and cartoons to encourage young children to learn languages. The Lingo Show has a new series starting on the 12th March 2012 on CBeebies (BBC). The first series will look at Mandarin Chinese, French and Spanish.

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Give A Kid A Language Gift

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Multilingual Sussex Schoolchildren Speak 94 Languages

There are over 3,000 bilingual school children in Sussex, on the South Coast of the UK, who speak an amazing 94 languages between them, including Wolof, which is spoken in Senegal, and Igbo, spoken in Nigeria and Niger-Congo.

New figures show the top ten tongues in West Sussex are Urdu, Gujarati, Caribbean Creole French, Portuguese, Tamil, Punjabi, Polish, Bengali, French and Pashto.   [Read more…]

Learn the French Alphabet

Here are a few YouTube videos to help you practice the French alphabet some more:

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