Languages And Culture Are Big Business

Services specialising in language and culture are currently more in demand than ever before. Language-services companies which not only offer specialist services such as legal, litigation or technology but who also offer translation and interpreting, now find themselves part of an industry that is worth around $34 billion worldwide. The language-services business is growing at a rate of about 12% each year. That’s big business.

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‘Glocalisation’ Is The New Language Of The Internet

According to a recent online article, the main ‘language’ of today’s internet is not English, Mandarin or Spanish but something called ‘Glocalisation’. Language-specific websites are important for targeting particular countries and markets but what is becoming more apparent is the need for greater awareness of the cultural sensitivities in each country targeted, as well. Even local communities in different countries are adopting their own online standards and behaviours when it comes to how they read and use the internet.

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Top US Games Firm Needs Staff With Language Skills In Ireland

The top US games firm, EA Games, is looking for staff with language skills for a base in Galway, Ireland. The computer games company is creating 300 jobs for its new European Customer Experience Centre of Excellence in Ireland and requires people with a good proficiency in French, Italian, German and Spanish, as well as English.

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LinkedIn Adverts Are Now Available In 17 Languages

Until recently, the professional network LinkedIn, only had adverts available in the English language. Now, adverts are available in 17 languages including French, Japanese and Turkish. LinkedIn operates in more than 200 countries and the availability of language-specific adverts will help to increase potential sales across these countries. [Read more…]

Is Multilingual E-Commerce The Way Forward?

Several large UK retailers are ensuring that their websites are multilingual in a bid to expand internationally. One large retailer Debenhams – a chain of UK Department stores – recently announced the launch of their German-language website. The Department store group decided to opt for a German-language website as Germany continuously performed well in terms of online sales. Now their German customers have access to their own Debenhams website and more importantly, in their own native language.

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‘PayPal’ Forced To Import Staff With Language Skills From Overseas

PayPal, the online payment company, which has a base in Dundalk, Ireland is having to recruit staff from overseas due to a lack of Irish staff with language skills.  The multinational company is finding it difficult to find Irish staff with the necessary language skills and in particular for German, Dutch and Nordic languages. The Global Operations Vice-President at PayPal said that Ireland suffered from a ‘deficiency’ in Irish workers with second languages.

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Mandarin Chinese Is Fast Becoming A New Language of Luxury

Wealthy Chinese tourists travelling to the United States are being treated to private shopping opportunities for luxury brands. According to a consulting firm, Chinese tourists spend more on luxury goods overseas than they do in their own country as these goods tend to be cheaper for them to buy overseas. European luxury brand stores have been capitalising on this for many years and US stores have only recently joined the race for wealthy Chinese custom. Many retailers have been learning the Mandarin Chinese language and also bringing in Mandarin-speaking staff to assist the wealthy tourists during their shopping trips to the US.

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Masterclass: Optimising your Website for International Trade

Sarah Carroll, will be running the UKTI’s (UK Trade & Investment) next Masterclass on Optimising your Website for International Trade in London on Thursday 12th July 2012, 09:00 -13:30 at a London venue (to be confirmed), UK.

Does your business have an effective online strategy for boosting overseas sales? Is your site optimised for international search engines? When Googled internationally is your company visible online?

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Now British Diplomats Based Overseas Lack Language Skills!

Charles Crawford, a British Diplomat who was based in Belgrade, Sarajevo and Warsaw during his career, has written an article in The Telegraph highlighting the distinct lack of language skills in British Diplomats based overseas. What he calls ‘the most vital of all inter-cultural skills’ – learning languages – was practically obliterated by the previous UK government.  One of the legacies of the lack of encouragement to learn languages in the UK is that there are now very few British Diplomats who speak a high level of the native language of the country they work in.

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Greeks Learn German Language Due To Recession

A five year recession, an extremely high rate of unemployment and a shrinking economy have all taken their toll on the country of Greece. The Greek people want jobs and want to work to show that they can be productive but the recession and the lack of jobs in Greece are making things very difficult. Recently however, hundreds of Greeks have been turning to the German language in an effort to improve their situation. [Read more…]