Brits should learn 1,000 words in new language

A new campaign has been set up encouraging everyone in the country to learn at least 1,000 words of a language other than their mother tongue.

The 1,000 Words Campaign has been set up amidst fears that Britons are losing out on jobs against more linguistically talented rivals from other countries, along with missing out on opportunities for international trade. In an increasingly proficient workforce where people from other countries are able to speak more and more languages, it is more important than ever that the people of the UK do not become complacent and lose in the job race because of their poor linguistic ability.

The campaign aims to reject the commonly-held opinion that only the cleverest among us can learn a new language, showing that it is an important skill accessible to everyone. The main aim is to transform the image of British workers as being lazy about learning other languages to improve our economic mobility and make us more attractive prospects in the global job market. Furthermore, it can help us build trade links within other cultures, which can unlock entire previously inaccessible markets.

It is thought that 1,000 words of another language is enough to enable the learner to hold a basic conversation in that language. Many British people find that starting a conversation in another language and being willing to learn the basics shows willing to their conversational partner, and shows that we do not assume everyone will speak English to make up for our poor knowledge of other languages.

Speakers of foreign languages are desirable at all levels of the workforce, whether this is negotiating in a high-powered boardroom or serving behind a bar in a foreign holiday resort, so learning at least 1,000 words in a language that interests you can be of great benefit if you want to work with people from other countries and acquire a useful skill that will even benefit you when you go on holidays for leisure.

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