Are You ‘Asia Literate’?

What do you think being ‘Asia Literate’ means? For those studying Asian languages such as Japanese and Chinese, this term means much more than just learning the language. It suggests a greater understanding of Asia’s culture, cuisine and customs. It is also much more than just learning the language of a country; it┬árepresents a true understanding of┬ácultures and other languages.

According to a recent blog, before the 1990s, Asia Literacy was mostly about Japan. Then, China became an economic super-power and the focus moved to all things Chinese. “Unfortunately, less attention is being paid to many other Asian countries including Japan, India, Pakistan and Indonesia, which are increasingly going to play important roles in the world” says a director of education and Chinese language initiatives in New York. He worries that there are too many resources being put into learning Chinese when other languages should be considered for the future.

Are you learning Chinese? Or, are you learning another Asian language? What are your thoughts about ‘Asia Literacy’? We would love to hear from you so please fill in the ‘Speak your Mind’ box below!

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