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SARAH CARROLL – FOUNDER was founded by Sarah Carroll in 2000. The website grew from her passion for learning other languages and wanting to share her passion for all things international!

Through her business consultancy work, she saw early on that the world is global and new trade blocks where fast emerging outside of Europe and North America – in Asia and Latin America. While English is indeed a global language, why should everyone in the world be expected to speak English? What about other world languages like Mandarin Chinese and Spanish? Even some of our world capitals, like London and New York are multicultural and multilingual.

It is her declared lifelong mission to get as many English speakers as possible to learn another language – that is to ‘get the language advantage’! To this end, she is also the author of the audio language and cultural learning courses: Teach Yourself Business French, Teach Yourself Business SpanishTeach Yourself Business JapaneseTeach Yourself Business Mandarin Chinese.

Sarah also advises and trains clients through her company Grow Global on how to improve their international communications and international websites so they can gain more international business and sales by growing globally. She is one of the UK’s leading experts on how to make a website international and how to communicate effectively internationally. She regularly speaks at seminars and runs workshops about optimising websites, e-commerce, e-marketplaces and social media for international trade.

Sarah has lived and worked in Europe and the USA. She speaks English and French, some German and is improving her Spanish in recognition of its role as one of the next world languages.


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Sophie is the editor, writer and researcher for, where she lets her passion for promoting language and cultural understanding and international travel, blossom. She just adores travelling to European capitals at every opportunity she gets, practising her French and German as she goes!

Sophie studied linguistics at the University of Sussex and wrote her dissertation on the death and revival of the Cornish language.


Photo credit: James McDonald, Clan Photography