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www.languageadvantage.com is a great site for all kinds of language advice”
Mike Nicks, Observer on Sunday, UK

Get the language advantage!

We want more of you to get the language advantage! We want to help your business or organisation to use language skills and language services to the full so that they can get their competitive advantage. And we want you to learn a language, become culturally aware and use your language skills at work so that you can get more out of life and get your competitive advantage. Finally, we want you to encourage your kids to learn a language and become culturally aware so they can become global citizens and get their competitive advantage.   Get the language advantage while it is still that – before it becomes the language necessity!

Claim your competitive advantage!

  • It makes you more intelligent if you speak another language
  • It makes you more attractive if you speak another language
  • You will enjoy yourself more when on holiday
  • You will make more friends around the world
  • You will earn more money at work
  • Your kids will do better at school
  • Your business will have more customers and make more money

Language Advantage emerged from multicultural London

www.languageadvantage.com was founded by Sarah Carroll in 2000 from the multicultural streets  of West London – Shepherd’s Bush.   Sarah knew  that the conventional wisdom was  against learning another language because everybody speaks English.   But that is but an urban myth.   The real wisdom lies with  the fact that over 70% of the world’s population do not speak English.   Through her work in international consultancy, she saw that the world is global.   Massive new trade blocks were emerging at the time – namely China and Latin America.   By 2050 English is unlikely to be the only dominant world language, as Chinese emerges as another world language, and then Spanish after it.   And some of our  world capitals, like London and New York, were themselves multicultural and multilingual – your neighbours and colleagues could be from many countries around the world.   How could it be that the whole world would be expected to speak English?

Communication makes the world go round

We believe that communication helps the world go round.   It is incredibly easy for communication to break down (how many times a day does it happen to you?!). So if you can at least be aware that communication needs some effort, if you are aware that communication is a two-way thing and that you can improve communication by watching your language, we would bet that your day would be much easier. And that is just  in your own language. So imagine what can happen if you are communicating with people who see things in a different way or who don’t really understand English?

Language Advantage is for the open-minded

There are two sets of people in the English-speaking world.    Closed and open.   This website is for the open-minded.   For you,  it is obvious that it is important to learn other languages whether for work or for travelling on holiday.   If nothing else, it is just polite.   We are unashamedly focusing on getting the mono-lingual English speakers off the starting block. We want kids to grow up thinking it is normal to speak more than one language, we want adults to try to speak another language on holiday, rather than just shouting louder.   We want workplaces to take advantage of the linguistic and cultural talents in their workforces to give them better business results.

The Language Advantage quality mark

We want you to get the competitive advantage for you, your kids and your  business through getting and using the language advantage. We have reviewed all the major language courses in the world  for English-speakers.   We have then hand-picked those  that we really like and we feel really work.   We continue to monitor  quality language courses and will add those that  meet  our language advantage quality mark.    You’ll only find  language courses that are worthy of world-class businesses, world-class professionals, world-class travellers and world-class kids!

The Language Advantage way

We  recommend language courses to you and suggest that you buy them through us by clicking on our affiliate companies.   If you do this, you will be supporting the future of www.languageadvantage.com.   Our affiliate companies offer you the same great deals as everybody else, but they also reward us with a small commission.    This is the way we earn revenue.   We hope you will always think of us and come back to us when you want advice about  languages.

The Language Advantage passion

The team at language advantage is mad about languages, mad about learning about different cultures and enjoys nothing more than travelling the world.   We’ve worked and travelled around the world and have multilingual and multicultural families and friends.   We have seen first hand how you get more out of life and more out of your business relationships with the language advantage.

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