64 Indigenous Dialects In Mexico Are At Risk Of Dying Out

Mexico has 68 Indigenous languages with 364 Indian dialects. However, some Mexican language experts say that 64 of the dialects are at a very high risk of dying out altogether as there are less than 100 speakers of each of these dialects. One reason for the decrease in the number of speakers is down to parents not passing on the language to their children.

Another problem which contributes to the demise of these dialects is the fact that the Internet and media in Mexico constantly use the Spanish language, the de facto language spoken in Mexico. Small efforts have been made however, to promote Indian languages in the past through using them in tv adverts or when broadcasting sports games.

The language of the Aztec empire called ‘Nahuatl’, is the most widely spoken Indian language in Mexico, with about 1.5 million speakers.

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