2013 First Issue of Think French Online Audio Magazine Is Now Available!

think-french-january-2013-issueThe first issue of the Think French Online Audio Magazine is available for 2013! This is a great alternative and/or support to learning the French language. There are between eight and ten articles every month, covering topics from people, fiestas, ecotourism and recipes. It is an authentic approach for learning the French language online, for intermediate and advanced learners. You can even download the audio onto your iPhone or mp3 player and listen while you’re away, whilst following a print-out of the audio in magazine style, along with explanations of vocabulary.

The Think Language range includes Think French, Think Spanish and Think Italian. The subscription is a monthly online audiomagazine for intermediate and advanced learners, packed with features about the arts and entertainment world, people and places, current news and events, history, recipes and much, much more.  It is available online with PDF downloads of articles & audio clip downloads to ipod, iphone, itunes, mp3, mobile phone, PC etc.

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