¡Vivan Las Fallas!

There is a huge party going on in Valencia, Spain this month! From the 1st March until the 19th March, there are many events to celebrate Las Fallas. Las Fallas, in Spanish or, Falles in Valencian, literally means ‘the fires’. The event in Valencia City celebrates the beginning of Spring as well as commemorating Saint Joseph – the patron saint of carpenters. Firecrackers and huge puppets are burned as part of the celebrations.

Each day at 2pm, different neighbourhood groups set off a noisy display of firecrackers during an event called la Mascletá where only the best and loudest display will win! In addition to the noisy firecracker displays, are giant papier-mâché figures called ‘ninots’ or ‘falles’ which sit on several corners of the city and usually depict political people, soap stars or even characters from movies. These ‘falles’ are burnt on bonfires at midnight on the last night of the whole celebration called La Nit del Foc or the Night of Fire.

Many people wear traditional and historical costumes called ‘casal faller’ and some play music in the streets. The party goes on during the day and sometimes late into the night throughout the many days of Las Fallas.

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