Learn over 100 languages with Eurotalk!

Now you can learn over 100 languages with Eurotalk! We’re excited to have finished adding all of the Eurotalk language courses in our shop and just in time for Christmas too. Eurotalk is one of the world’s leaders in language learning software and their language courses would make an ideal gift for someone. With over 100 languages to choose from, there’s a language for everyone!

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New Year Language Resolutions With Language Advantage!

With the coming of the New Year, everyone makes resolutions. Why not make learning a new language your resolution in 2013? Or, improve on a language that you have already been learning? We’ve hand-picked the best language courses for you, to help you make a start! Whether you are beginner, intermediate or advanced, we have some great suggestions for you. Get your language advantage moving this year and try one of these language courses! [Read more…]

Eurotalk Language Courses In Over 100 Languages!

premier set greek language coursesWe’ve just finished updating our Eurotalk language course page as we announce our new partnership with Eurotalk – one of the world’s leaders in language learning software. We’re thrilled to be working with Eurotalk and can now offer you access to their full range of courses which cover well over 100 languages! [Read more…]

Klingon Language Helps Man Deal With His Dyslexia

A man from the UK has found a way to help him deal with his dyslexia. He has spent over a decade learning the fictional language of Klingon which has, in turn, helped him to work with his dyslexia and to deal with words in general.

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Eurotalk Language CD-ROMs

language  advantage brings you our top courses from Eurotalk, one of the world’s leaders in language learning software.

There is ground-breaking software at beginners, intermediate and advanced level in well over 100 languages (and growing), both on CD-ROM and DVD-ROM (the only language learning DVD-ROMs in the world!), as well as downloads, plus a business language course.

Eurotalk Talk Business Arabic language course



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Language courses available in the Eurotalk range:

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